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Why Choose Us?

F-U-L-L service – One stop shop!
List "For Sale" with CS Real Estate and receive:
** FREE Designer Paint Color Consultation
**FREE Professional Staging
** FREE Pre-Market Cleaning (Exceptions may apply) 

There are more and more home improvements shows featured today – most of them scream out the same 3 suggestions to Sellers BEFORE listing their home:

  1. Apply a fresh coat of paint to the walls
  2. De-clutter and stage
  3. Clean

Among other things, all of these above mentioned can be quite overwhelming to the Seller for a variety of reasons and CS Real Estate not only recognizes but is also compassionate to them! Therefore we try to take away the “overwhelming”.

OUR SERVICES INCLUDE but are not limited to the following: ** FREE Designer Paint Color Consultation ** FREE Professional Staging ** FREE Pre-Market Cleaning (Exceptions may apply)


Sellers have been made aware through the media that painting is critical. Understanding the importance of painting is not the problem for Sellers or even understanding that this investment will go a long way …. The problem lies in selecting the “right” paint colors! CS Real Estate knows that this can cause a great deal of stress for the Homeowner.

Sellers are often intimidated and worry “What if we pick the wrong colors? What colors are most appealing to the majority? I do not want to make an expensive mistake!” As a result they often end up selecting only (1) paint color to use throughout their home which is often seen by the buyers as “boring”. While Seller’s often know they must paint and that this can be one of the most important things to do … selecting the “right” paint colors is an “art”! For years CS Real Estate has removed this overwhelming burden by offering their FREE Paint Color Consultation and made these decorator colors the focal point of their listings. Time and time again Buyers have chosen CS Real Estate’s listed homes over others simply because of the designer colors that were implemented. Decorator colors SELL a home and cost the same so why not make your home stand out?



We stage vacant homes or bring what will complement existing pieces within a home (it is an art to add complimentary pieces to an existing décor, create a finished look and determine room proportions etc.)  We have agents ask us all the time to stage for them, and while we do not have the time to accommodate it is a true testimony of the effect that staging has on a home.

There are 3 types of staging services offered.

  • The first is a typical charge by the hour service. A professional consultant will set an appointment to walk a Client’s home and then make recommendations by way of what should stay and what should be removed from any given room. The consultant will prioritize and the extent of their recommendations will be based on the number of hours they have been hired for (i.e. they may not discuss everything necessary). The Seller/Client will run around taking notes during this appointment so they know what they must tackle (without the help of the staging consultant),
  • The next package includes staging a home and using the companies rented decor to do it. The consultant will assess what a home needs (or assess only the rooms they are being hired to stage) and will select, transport and place the decor accordingly. The Seller/Client is typically charged an upfront fee for the consultant’s assessment and actual staging of the home and will then accrue an additional monthly expense (until the home closes) for the rental of the merchandise that has been placed in the home. 
  • The 3rd service package will include both of the above service plans.

**The FREE professional staging services CS Real Estate provides includes that of the 1st / 2ndpackage defined above except that we place no hourly restrictions. We stay until the job is completed and there is no additional charge or accruing monthly fees associated with the staging merchandise placed within your home.


CS Real Estate’s Staging Process

  • Studying pre-market pictures to determine what stays, what goes (de-cluttering), and what staging décor may be needed from our warehouse to bring out the best of each room.

Area’s included but not limited to:


Mud Room

Living Room

Dining Room

Great Room/Family Room


Breakfast Room

Laundry Room

Master Bedroom

Other Bedrooms

Master Bathroom

Other Baths





  • We determine up front what needs to be packed away and carry these designated items to a central location (enabling temporarily clearance until personal possessions can later be packed and put away by the Seller).

CS Real Estate is always thinking ahead to make the road as comfortable for the seller as possible. Of course de-cluttering will place the home in its most favorable light but also serves another advantage. Pre-market packing eliminates the monumental stress of having to pack EVERYthing just prior to closing (which is already a stressful time when handling all the last minute details). Pre-market packing enables a smoother transition and also makes gathering moving companies estimates easier when the time comes.

  • Photographing the mid-staging progress to later determine the décor that will best complement each room.

** This process can take 1-3 days depending how much help we have from the Seller and how fast the Sellers want to or are capable of moving. We accommodate to do whatever it takes in every situation.

Selecting Décor/Merchandise For A Home Requires:

o    Examine mid-staging pictures and type out a list of what is needed in each location.

o    Layout and print a page of mid-staging pictures to use as a reference while pulling décor so it is possible to match existing color schemes.

o    Determine (while in staging room) what pieces will complement each location in each room. This takes hours - if not the majority of the day or two to determine. (Everything must be laid out so that a color/style/interior design scheme will compliment and flow with the existing.)

o    Run to the store if a unique piece is needed (our expense)

o    Carefully wrap all decorations (2-4 hours depending on quantity)

o    Load travel containers in the car (can quite literally take 2-3 hours)

o    Drive to client’s home and unload the travel containers in an effort to begin and complete the staging process (this will take 1-3 days)

o    Determine recalculated provisions and accommodate.

The strategic placement of furniture and décor is done in an effort to capture the best of each room from both a photography perspective as well as a showing perspective. Harmonious decorating will produce inviting pictures which will capture serious Buyers.

  1. FREE PRE-MARKET CLEANING (Exceptions may apply) 

After pre-market staging is completed CS Real Estate pays for your home to be detailed cleaned (“spring cleaning” if you will); saving our clients hundreds of dollars. We know that preparing a home for the market can be quite an undertaking. We also know that the last thing a Seller wants to do is spring clean. We are compassionate to this and remove this burden from our clients “to do” list.

WHY IS ALL THIS IMPORTANT? Think about a very formal event you ever attended, perhaps your wedding day. Our goal is to have your home be as glamorous as possible the day it hits the market, a showcase if you will. Keep in mind that we are courting our next buyer and these pre-market preparations create the conditions for a quick sale.



You’ve heard the saying “Pictures speak a thousand words” … well bad pictures speak a MILLION words! When all the hard work is done CS Real Estate wants your photos to reflect your efforts in order to capture as much of your buyer pool as possible and to also make you proud when your family and friends see your home being advertised!

CS Real Estate takes professional pictures (no less than 500 and as many as 1,200 depending on the size of the home and how difficult it is to photograph). Taking pictures can often require multiple trips out to the property depending on the direction of the home, i.e. lighting challenges; the sun can hit each room at different times of the day and flash variances will be needed to compensate. We download all pictures and make sure all rooms have excellent options for the final tour.

We narrow the pictures down to the semi-finals and then to the finals. Finally we arrange final selections in such an order that they will flow with the home’s natural floor plan.

If you like what you’ve read so far – make no mistake CS Real Estate’s difference carries through in the same manner in everything they do, from marketing, to strategy, to negotiating to follow up to closing your transaction successfully. You sincerely have to “experience” our difference. Time and time again we hear from our clients that have moved out of state that they are disappointed with the services received from other offices – that we have set the bar SO high that no other office can hold a candle to what we have offered them. So why not “experience the difference?” Call us today!

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