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Carol Shroka

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C S Real Estate - Aurora IL
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Testimonials Continued - Page 4

Dear Carol,

When I came in from Colorado to sell my parents house, I interviewed a number of real estate brokers. I told all I interviewed that I wanted two things from them.

1.) I wanted the most money from the sale of the house.
2.) I wanted the process to move as smoothly as possible so that I could get back to my family in Colorado.

Your personal service in brokering the sale of the house went above and beyond anything those other brokers could even have dreamed of providing. You guided me through all the necessary steps to get the house sold quickly and at a premium. You found me the best contractors to complete the work on the house. You helped me determine what updates were needed to minimize market time. And most importantly you became a great friend for life as well. With a market time of six days till contract, and a closing price well above what I thought was possible, the only word I know to describe your work is "perfect". I can’t thank you enough for all your hard work.

Jimmy, Coki, (and Navi too)
Denver, Colorado


We started working with a real estate agent & ended up with a very good friend! Carol is simply the best, she brings years of experience and has intimate knowledge of the local market. She knows every single community in the western suburbs. Most of all she provides an end-to-end real estate service and helped us every step along the way. In a downward market like what we are in now (2006-2007), you need someone like Carol who is very seasoned in the market and who can help quickly sell your home. The suggestions she offered regarding listing price, condition of the house and timing was right on the money. She is very very hardworking and genuinely honest about the advice she provides.
We had to travel outside the country during the time when our house was on the market. Carol use to contact us almost every day to update us on the showings. We didn't have to worry about the home while we were outside the country. If it was not for Carol, we wouldn't have traveled outside the country until the house was sold.

Carol, we sincerely thank you and Mike for all the efforts you both put into selling my house and thank you very much for the awesome execution in bringing this to a conclusion.

When we buy another home, it will be you who will help us.

Sowmya & Raj



Tony and I feel we were very fortunate to have chosen you as our realtor for the sale of our home at Hopewell. We were so pleased with both yourself and your team. Your way of doing business is very organized with nothing left to chance. You are very professional and always ready and willing to help in every way. That is why, although we knew you had several listings; we felt we were the only client you had – because you were always there for us. You are relatable; you have a positive way in you that shows you really care about people, and although selling our house was the main objective, we felt a personal warmth from you. You and your team gave us personal touches that were not necessary to the sale of our house, but only just your thoughtfulness and kindness. We thank you so much for your help and please extend our thanks to them as well.

Because you have created such a well organized team, you’ve made it a lot easier for us to have our house prepared for the market. You took us through the process with ease. The whole experience of selling our house, from our first contact with you, to our saying goodbyes when you handed us the check was a very pleasant one.

We will always recommend you to friends and families, as we already have, so they may also experience the joy of working with the best realtor there is. We wish you all the very best because that is for sure what you are.

Take care and God bless you and your family.
Tony and Lhen Ibanez


Hi Carol. We wanted to take the time to write a tremendous thank you to you and your team of professionals. From the moment you sat down at our kitchen table the first night to the signing of the sale, you have gone above and beyond all of our expectations. In a world that seems to have lost its grip on customer service, you and your team have it down to a science…the communication, the personal touch of staging and repairing, to the simple fact that you answered every single one of our calls. We knew we were in competent hands and you have proven that by closing on our home in a market that has an abundance of inventory to compete with. You made our house stand out above the rest, you brought attention to it, your reputation brought in fellow realtors, YOU made the difference.

We are both so excited to begin our new life together and you have made the first step stress free. We feel we've made a friend in you and again, can't thank you and your team enough for all the care you give your customers.

Warm Regards,

Bob McGuffin and Melissa Farrell - Aurora IL

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Pronunciation: in-'te-gr&-tE
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1 : firm adherence to a code of especially moral or artistic values : INCORRUPTIBILITY
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synonym see Carol Shroka

What happens when you choose the right tool - the best tool for the job? the right person - the best person for the job? That's easy - you get the absolute best results. We are certain that Carol Shroka is the right person, the best person - the only person - you should choose for selling your home and in finding and buying your new home... that is, if you want the absolute best results. She gives nothing less than the entirety of her Self to her business, and her clients.

Carol is truly dedicated to her profession and infuses business with passion, humanity, sage advice and integrity not typically found among business professionals, not to mention fun! Carol is compassionate, and truly works from her heart. With an unbending Faith, Carol will sell your home and will find your dream home, and will pull out all of the stops to do so... take it from us, we know, because she did find ours, negotiating with the grace and presence of a stellar prizefighter. She is extremely hard working, and we are convinced that there is no other that can possibly work any harder. She works over the overtime, and definitely, above the beyond - for her clients.

Carol tells it like it is - with reassurance – and she will get you the best price in selling your home - the right price - and, she will do the same in buying a home as well. She definitely eases the stresses of selling and buying a home with her calm, heartening presence. She is smart, ingenious and resourceful, and as a bonus, has an extremely good team behind her from top to bottom for virtually any need that you may have during buying and selling, as well as other resources. She has an entire network of contacts that conduct themselves as if they were an extension of her own self, and really reflect back and mirror all of the same qualities that she exudes. Along the way, as a bonus, we also had an opportunity to meet her wonderful family as well - including her husband Mike (and his father) who helped us out immensely.

We believe that we were tough clients in trying to find the "perfect" house for us as we were simply unwilling to compromise in selling and buying this time around, and Carol honored and understood this, and accepted no less as if she and her family were moving into our future home. It was with resolute strength and determination that Carol definitely rose up to the challenge, astounding us at every turn in navigating the journey. During this journey, she also became our friend (another bonus) – all the while throughout the process, knowing how to separate business and friendship, which is also a rare gift indeed. Carol knows relationships.

Quite simply, she is wonderful… no, wait a sec… in her own words that she often uses for great bundles of goodness and joy - she is Golden! She rocks! (and not only as a realtor and businesswoman, but as a friend and a human being) Carol is strong - but not too strong; she is soft - but not too soft. She handles interactions very diplomatically and with complete fairness. If there is such, she is the guru of realty.

Being the best is not easy - being the best takes constant striving in order to remain so, but we can say this, Carol definitely strives in strides bigger and greater than anyone else in order to be the best, and remains there. Place your trust in her, and you won't be disappointed.

So, if you're looking for a dream home and/or looking to sell, or even unsure about an endeavor such as this - go with none other than Carol Shroka and CS Real Estate and just forget that any other realtor exists.

As one can see, Carol is not an easy person to sum up - there is not one word, one sentence to encapsulate her energy simply because she has so many wonderful qualities both as a person and a businesswoman. We suppose integrity, as Carol rightfully uses in describing her own self and business, is perhaps the closest (or you'll just have to read through this testimonial again!). As unbending as Carol's faith, we are unbending in our faith in recommending her as the right person, the best person - the only person for selling and buying your home. In choosing Carol Shroka - the right person, the best person - the only person, you will have the absolute best results. Your future can only contain smiles and joy.

Thank you Carol, and your entire "team!"

With much gratitude,

William, Arieahn, Alex, Ciara, and our dog Casey, Bennett (Former Harbor Springs residents)

I would like every one to know that Carol Shroka of CS Real Estate is an “Amazing” agent. My wife and I were extremely happy to have chosen her as our agent to represent us in the sale of our home. What I liked most about Carol was her attention to detail, even the minutest detail. She made sure nothing was overlooked. Carol’s “in house support” helped us a great deal in preparing our home for the market. Their professional and friendly attitude in dealing with us was commendable. We were looking for suggestions that would improve our position. All of Carol’s suggestions were effective, as we received a very nice offer within 5 hours of going on the market and by the end of the day; we actually had 2 offers to choose from.

Her job did not end with signing the contract. We wouldn’t have been able to deal with all the aspects of selling our home without Carol and her team (including her husband Mike). With her team’s help we were able to make the negotiations friendly…because of her connections, we practically spent nothing accomplishing what we needed to accomplish prior to closing.…Carol’s strategy was unique, refreshing and right on track. She knew exactly what was necessary to set us up to win.

In appreciation of her great efforts in preparing and selling our home, my wife and I took Carol’s entire family to dinner. If I had to do this again, I would hire Carol Shroka in a moment to sell or buy our next real estate property.

Sincerely, Ramu R. Kallepalli
President of TRISHNA Corporation
Home Owner: 3251 Hopewell Drive, Aurora, IL


“Our Carol Story”

When it comes to choosing a realtor you could say that the only luck we’d had in the past was bad luck. Other people we know have had similar tales and this knowledge can make even deciding to move scary. Enter Carol Shroka – CS Real Estate. From the moment she walked into my home there was a quality that I recognized in her that is indeed rare…she honestly cared about my family and me.

Carol did all the usual functions of a realtor with ease, but it was all the extra things that she gladly did to help us that were truly remarkable. Carol helped us prepare our house for quick sale at a great price, and walked us through the entire process. She understood our needs as a seller and spent countless hours making sure we got top dollar for our house with an attention to detail that was phenomenal. Through it all Carol made us feel like we were her only clients although she had many at the time.

We also used Carol for our purchase and she was equally energetic and supportive. She gladly took us through different markets always listening and considering the features in a new house that were important to us. Carol’s promptness and responsiveness was incredible. She returns phone calls and most importantly, she does what she says she is going to do!

Although no move is without problems especially when selling and buying a home; Carol always handled conflicts with words of encouragement and a smile. She kept us positive about resolving problems and made dealing with issues easier for us.

Thanks to Carol our family has a new home and we came through the entire process with our sense of humor intact.

Submitted fondly by, Mark, Linda, Matthew & Kate Prestemon


 My wife and I are both professionals, so we recognize when someone has the ”hot-hand". Carol's "hand" is not only hot; it's on a continuous boil. She has it all going for her; she's savvy, detail-oriented and at the end of the day knows how to get a house sold. The decision to use her didn't come lightly as we'd had a great real estate agent during a previous sale. However, after meeting Carol we knew all the word-of-mouth praise wasn't hot air, but fact. She didn't "sell" us, but instead talked to us, asked us questions, and got to know us and what we expected as an end result. Our instincts proved right on. Our home sold in six days. So, why the quick success? The answer is simple: she knows how to showcase homes to their best advantage, and more importantly talk to potential buyers in the right language, ensuring a sale at the end of the day. It's clear all the Shroka "SOLD" signs in our community didn't lie. Bottom line is, she knows how the system works, finds ways to make deals happen and has a knack for finding buyers when others can't.

So, what makes CS Real Estate stand out from others? You have only to talk to Carol to understand the reason. She makes the process relatively painless, and her no-nonsense personality brings humor to what would otherwise be a stressful experience. She's clear in her direction of what needs to be done in order to get the home sold. She follows through on what she promises and is infinitely detailed in making sure the home shows well. The biggest plus for us was the fact she comes armed with craftsman who can make sure the house is in tip-top shape. Many of the smaller things that needed done were already part of Carol's "package", meaning additional payment for odds and ends were included in her commission price. When projects can't be easily done by her partner Mike, Carol knows others who can get the job done for a reduced price. For us, that part of the deal meant peace of mind and ease of use - priceless.

As for the process of selling - it was painless. Carol was constantly in the trenches with us. Closing was a breeze because she prepared us with the possible financial framework and Illinois regulations beforehand; ensuring no surprises.

So to Carol, thank you for holding our hand through the entire process and making us laugh along the way. To anyone considering how to wade through selling a home, we can assure you: if you're not using CS Real Estate to sell your home, you're not banking on a sure thing.

The Metcalfe Family (Former residents of Harbor Springs)

 Carol, Thank you so much for ALL your help with finding me a new home. You made the impossible, possible.
Sincerely Vanessa Mielke

 Dear Carol,

We wanted to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for the amazing work you did for us. We were first time sellers and wanted a new house, in a different town, to start our lives as newlyweds. We went on our honeymoon and when we got back you had sold our old house at a great price. We didn't have to deal with all of the hassles of going back and forth. Now it was time to look for our new house! We were confused and overwhelmed with so many choices, but there comes Carol to the rescue. You found a house, for our price, with all of the qualities we wanted, and in a town perfect for us. I was so happy to have found a house so soon. But of course any kind of change will always come with some obstacles. Carol, you were awesome; you dodged them all and got us into our house. This whole experience was painless and not only did we walk away with a great house, but we also gained a great friendship with you. Thank you for always being so forward, honest, and open with us.

Jesus & Belen Pulido

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